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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Asda Credit Card

About: ASDA Rewards credit cards is offered by which offers you this card within 3mins after applying for this card online and get an instant decision about whether you are eligible for the card or not. ASDA also offers various insurance covers for motor insurance, life insurance, pet insurance etc.

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Q: Does anyone knows that Asda credit card is used for only food purposes or anywhere else?

A: Asda is a credit card which you can use anywhere for shopping purposes. Before applying for the card make sure there are no hidden charges with it and also read the smallprint carefully so that you have not to face any problem in future.

Q: I had got an credit card one month before which has 0% p.a. offer with it on the purchasing for 3mnths. Now the bill is in my hands but I am confused whether to pay the minimum payment or not for the first 3mnths?

A: The zero percent means they are offering you no interest for the first three months on any purchase. But after 3mnths you have to pay the interest as well on each purchasing. You have to pay at least the minimum balance each month in time. In case you don/t pay the full amount each month then they will charge you extra interest on that amount.

Q: Can I be able to know about the exact details of my credit card services for each purchasing?

A: It seems difficult to knew about the exact details of each purchasing but you can get monthly transaction statements from asdafinance and get info about your total purchasing.

Q: I had asda credit card and now want to save some money. Are there any disount coupons with asda reward card? How is it possible?

A: Better will be to have cash with you while doing shopping so that you can spend what you have. There are no coupons or discounts with any credit card to save your money.

Q: I am joining the asda company and want to know that how much holidays will the company offers me for 24hrs working time for 5-6 days?

A: You must ask about this by the company itself and also this will be mentioned on your payslip.

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